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LED current size
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LED current size

We all know that if the LED ripple is too large, the LED life will be affected, how much impact, have not seen which said. I have asked the LED factory about this data before, and they said it is acceptable within 30%, but it has not been verified later. I suggest keeping it as small as possible. If the heat dissipation is not solved well, the LED must be derated. I also hope to have a specific index, otherwise it will affect the promotion of LED.

Cadence announced that WillSemi's Cadence Virtuoso custom IC design platform enhances analog IC design excellence and reduces overall product time to market. Compared to previously deployed industry solutions, WillSemi's Cadence custom integrated circuit design process not only cuts analog design and implementation time in half, but also reduces overall design cycle time by a third.

The Cadence Custom Design Process tool helps the WillSemi IC design team achieve the following goals:

Reduce total turnaround time by 30-50% using the Virtuoso Schematic Editor with the Virtuoso Layout Suite: The Virtuoso Schematic Editor comes with a wide variety of built-in, well-defined component libraries for various emulations to speed up analog circuit design times. At the same time, its convenient wiring function greatly reduces the circuit schematic creation time and reduces the occurrence of errors. Using the Virtuoso layout Suite, WillSemi's team is able to improve the efficiency and accuracy of layout design using a method based on circuit schematic constraints.


What are the advantages of WillSemi's Cadence Virtuoso custom IC design platform?

Virtuoso simulation design environment is adopted to improve design robustness: it can detect circuit design problems, speed up debugging process and optimize design efficiency while making it easier to get started.

Increase simulation throughput and productivity with Spectre Circuit Simulation Platform: With Spectre circuit simulation platform, WillSemi maintains design integrity throughout the design cycle, increasing simulation throughput and improving productivity.

"Our previous design process used multiple products from different EDA suppliers, which was difficult to run in a coordinated way," said Ji Gang, vice president of research and development at WillSemi. "Cadence Virtuoso's custom IC design platform is streamlined and helps us solve some of the most challenging design, validation, and implementation challenges we face to bring our products to market, thanks to the ease of use of Cadence's design process and the incredible support Cadence provides us."

In order to study EDA technology and SCM technology in depth, the following keyboard, EDA technology and SCM technology application analysis, in order to effectively improve the technical level of software development, promote the long-term development of software development industry. In the study of EDA technology and single chip technology in the application of the keyboard, the use of EDA related software and programming download software, as well as the corresponding single chip microcomputer and supporting compilation software. Key board is generally selected matrix key board, has a wide range of practicability.

The application of EDA and single chip microcomputer in key board

In key board Settings, keys are set through the focus of the line and column lines, the two ends of the key switch and the line and column lines respectively connected. The connection of the line is through the pull-up resistance, so the line is in high level without any operation. When the key operation is carried out, the line will affect the level of the line, thus causing the change of the level of the line. The level of the line varies with the level of the column line. If the column line is high, the line is high. This is used in key recognition.

According to the keyboard key arrangement basis, in the use of EDA technology and single-chip technology, the matrix keyboard column line and line is used by the multi-key sharing, reduce the chip I/O interface possession, greatly improve the use of the keyboard speed. In the key board, the use of EDA technology and single-chip microcomputer technology to connect the signal, when the line and line affect each other, you can effectively control the key, to achieve the key closure. At the same time, through the combined application of EDA technology and SCM technology, can effectively control the switch of the keyboard, the keyboard operation at any time, so as to complete the corresponding work according to the relevant instructions.

EDA technology and SCM technology in the application of the key board, can help the keyboard to complete a variety of complex operations, in order to achieve effective control of the screen display, so as to switch different pictures, complete different tasks. The promotion and application of EDA technology and SCM technology in each industry, to the continuous improvement of economic efficiency of each industry provided ****, promoting the long-term development of Chinese software industry, is of great significance for promoting the modernization construction of our country.

Достаточно загрузить файлы Gerber, BOM и проектные документы, и команда KINGFORD предоставит полное предложение в течение 24 часов.