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Промышленные новости
There are 6 matters that should be paid attention to in purchasing PCBA
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There are 6 matters that should be paid attention to in purchasing PCBA

PCBA is the core of electronic products, like the position of the main account of the three armies against the Chinese army. Product reliability, ease of use and stability are closely related to PCBA quality. Therefore, in the process of purchasing PCBA, we need to pay urgent attention to the PCBA quality control points, and adopt a professional perspective to examine whether each PCBA board meets the application requirements of electronic products.

1. Reliability of welding of PCBA components

The reliability of PCB circuit board and components welding directly determines the performance of electronic products in the process of use. With the in-depth use of products, the circuit board suffers from oxidation, heat radiation, fall and overload use and other bad conditions, which will lead to the factory OK PCBA board began to show welding problems, resulting in product failure. In addition, in PCBA processing, whether to use the original authentic brand components is also crucial to the quality of electronic products. Many second-hand or counterfeit components will break down in long-term use. The same is true for PCB circuit boards. According to the application environment of the product, to prevent the deformation of the PCB and the influence of heat, these factors need to be taken into account in the purchase of PCbas and strictly tested.

PCB board

2. PCBA aging test performance report

When purchasing PCBA in large quantities, it is necessary to carry out strict aging test. The PCBA board is subjected to extremely strict operating conditions to test its stability and reliability. In order to save costs, many enterprises omit this step, which results in bad products in the hands of customers, resulting in greater losses. Therefore, when purchasing PCBA, it is suggested to put forward the requirements of aging test for batch products, configure aging test fixtures and require suppliers to provide aging test performance reports.

3. PCBA assembly process management

The assembly process of PCBA board, shell and packaging is also more important. Improper operation in many assembly processes will also lead to the damage of welded components on the PCBA board that has been tested OK, resulting in defects after assembly. PCBA suppliers shall have strict operating instructions during the assembly process, and supervise workers to complete according to the process.

4. Cleanliness of PCBA board surface

The cleanliness of PCBA board surface is very important. If a lot of hand-welded tin slag and flux remain on the PCBA surface, it will cause unpredictable adverse risks in the future use of electronic products. Therefore, PCBA manufacturers must be required to carry out professional ultrasonic cleaning of all batches of PCBA board surfaces, and prevent finger contamination of the board surface.

5. After-sales service ability of purchasing PCBA suppliers

When purchasing PCBA, it is also very important to evaluate the supplier's after-sales service ability. Every wise man has a mistake. With the deepening of batch manufacturing, adverse phenomena are bound to occur. At this time, the ability of PCBA manufacturers to respond quickly and cooperate with each other in time is particularly important.

6. Give the manufacturer more profit when purchasing PCBA

With the increasingly developed circuit board, SMT processing industry, the price of PCBA is extremely transparent, as long as a little comparison or accounting, can avoid the possibility of slaughter. Profit is the biggest driving force for an enterprise to serve customers. Only with profit can service and the highest standard of quality control be achieved. In view of this, in the process of purchasing PCBA, it is necessary to abandon the thinking of bargaining all the time and give PCBA manufacturers appropriate profits, which will help to perfect the manufacturing of their own products and maximize their own interests.

Purchasing PCBA is a matter of multi-link evaluation including technology, management, service, etc., which needs to be examined by purchasing personnel from multiple perspectives to lay a good foundation for PCB manufacturing process of electronic products.

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