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Market PCB enterprise
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Market PCB enterprise

1. Fill in the test application form

(1)Report format: If SGS report needs Chinese report, you can fill in Chinese; If you need English, please fill in both English and Chinese. ITS report is filled out in English and Chinese.

(2) According to the needs, enterprises should carry out a simple description of the sample, choose what kind of test requirements, at the same time to indicate the customer (that is, the name of the buyer), the manufacturer, the model of the product.

(3) Determine the type of service (such as test period, whether urgent, etc.).

(4) Signature and seal.

(5)When selecting test requirements, we must confirm the test method, otherwise the test report will not be recognized by customers.

2. Sample preparation

① The finished plate can be provided.

② Can also provide separated samples. [such as copper-coated plate removing copper foil light plate, ink solidified film samples (such as text, solder resistance carbon film, flux, etc.))

③ Sample quantity and weight testing institutions have different requirements.

3. Test method:

① By mail

Send the application form and sample to the testing company. After receiving the quotation, the testing company can fax it to the company in the form of "payment notice", and send it back to the company after the company's confirmation, and provide a copy of the payment voucher to the testing company by fax. The testing time is handled according to the service type selected by the company. The original report and invoice shall be handled in the way required by the company.

② On-site acceptance

You can also take the application form and sample directly to the test company, pay in cash (check) on the spot, and confirm the "payment notice". Other procedures are the same as above.

4. Confirm the change

If there is any need to modify the test report, the applicant company may fill in the "Application Form for Modification of Test Report", indicate the reasons and items for the modification, and pay additional fees.

5. How do PCB enterprises establish environmental quality assurance system

In order to make the printed board production process, products can continue to meet the environmental material control standards, RBOS regulations and customer requirements. PCB companies should establish effective environmental quality assurance system. Its program files can be shared with the existing ISO or QS system files.

5.1 Managers

5.1.1 Objectives and policies of environmental quality shall be established.

5.1.2 Make it clear that environmental quality is the responsibility of the management representative.

5.1.3 Stipulate that the environmental quality management system shall be the content of management review.

5.1.4 Establish the organizational structure and resource responsibilities for promoting the environmental quality assurance system.

5.2 Raw material selection procedures shall be formulated and meet the following requirements;

5.2.1 The selected raw materials shall meet the requirements of the Company's environmental management material control standards, and the supply of raw materials shall be able to meet the requirements of the company's environmental management material control standards.

5.2.2 The BOM(List of Raw materials) shall be prepared to specify the names of raw materials, names of suppliers of raw materials, models, etc.

5.2.3 Materials should be obtained from raw material suppliers. ①ICP test report. ② Composition list ③ Guarantee letter.

5.3 Product Review

5.3.1 The scope of review shall be defined to cover all master materials constituting the PCB.

5.3.2 Review and confirmation

① According to the ICP test result, check whether the six environmental management substances in each material in BOM meet the company's environmental management material control standards one by one.

② According to the ingredient list provided by the raw material supplier, confirm whether the material constituting the raw material contains 6 kinds of environmental management substances. If the ingredient list contains 6 environmental management substances, the content must be confirmed to meet the company's environmental substance control standards.

③ Data requirements

The information content, ICP report and ingredient list provided by the raw material supplier shall be defined. The information must be authentic and reliable. ICP reports are certified by a third party inspection authority (such as ITS or SGS).

5.4 Prenatal review

The process of quantitative production review should be specified to confirm whether it meets the requirements of the company's environmental management material control standards; If required to participate in the review, there must be quality assurance, purchasing, manufacturing, process technology and other departments. The results of the review must be approved by the company's management representative and relevant records shall be kept.


5.5 Change Management

Change management procedures should be specified, and management control should be carried out when the organization or supplier has any changes in raw materials, plant site and environmental quality assurance system.

5.5.1 It shall be stipulated that any change of material process and raw material supply of the raw material supplier shall be applied for the change and relevant evidence shall be submitted.

5.5.2 It shall be stipulated that when the process changes involve environmental quality factors, the change application shall be submitted and the test report shall be provided before import.

5.6 Product Management

5.6.1 The risk of outsourcing testing shall be specified to prevent contamination of products caused by process, packaging, transportation, delivery and other possible factors.

5.6.2 In case of nonconformity, refer to Nonconformity control.

5.7 Nonconformity Control

Documents shall be established to provide for the identification, traceability management, and corrective and preventive measures of non-conforming products occurring inside and outside the company.

6. Understand China's environmental labeling system

Ecolabel is known as the "environmental labeling system" in China. In May 1994, China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Committee (CCEL) was established by the State. Under the guidance of the former State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision and the State Environmental Protection Bureau, CCEL was responsible for supervising and managing the third-party certification program. Using market forces to reduce the environmental pressures of production. In addition, the program seeks to increase public awareness of the environmental impact of consumer goods and promote trade in environmentally friendly products. The country began to implement environmental label certification in 1994. Its biggest feature is strict environmental requirements for the whole production cycle of products from design, production, use to waste disposal. By the end of 2002, China Environmental Label had carried out 46 categories of product certification in the field of home appliances. Forty-six corresponding technical requirements for environmental labeling products have been issued, and PCB testing has been included in the certification program.

7. Experience

7.1 The accession to the WTO has won a relatively easy tariff environment for the international trade of our country. But many developed countries and regions strengthen technical barriers constantly. This will become a long period of time when export of electronic products of our country faces the most difficult barriers to break through. The release of the two directives once again let us see the example of technical barriers to trade in international trade.

7.2 Impact of technical barriers to trade,

1) Market access. Although non-tariff barriers such as quotas have been removed, technical barriers to trade have been used to restrict market access.

2. Price competition. In order to enter the market, PCB enterprises must increase investment, including equipment update, patent introduction, personnel training and other aspects, which will inevitably increase the operating cost of enterprises and reduce the price competitiveness of products in the market.

7.3 For technical trade barriers, government agencies have drawn up laws and regulations to protect and promote the coordinated development of national economy and environmental protection in accordance with international environmental protection standards and treaties; But from the perspective of PCB enterprises, they should comprehensively and seriously manage technical trade barriers, increase their environmental awareness, improve their technical level, actively carry out clean production, and formulate effective coping strategies. Environmental protection pressure from both domestic and international forces enterprises to consider environmental protection as an important competitive factor and overall consider corporate profits. The relationship between consumer demand and environmental protection. In this way, the restriction and restriction of technical trade barrier can be effectively broken so that printed board products can establish advantages in the competition of environmental protection in the market.

7.4 After understanding the instructions and establishing the company's own environmental system, PCB products can be branded with green logo after being tested and certified by the third party.

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