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What are the precautions for PCB proofing?
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What are the precautions for PCB proofing?

As a group of engineers, proofing matters needing attention are as follows:

1. Carefully choose the proofing quantity to effectively control the cost.

2. Specially confirm device packaging to avoid proofing failure due to packaging errors.

3. Conduct a comprehensive electrical inspection to improve the electrical performance of PCB board.

4. Complete signal integrity layout, reduce noise and improve PCB stability.

As a four-layer plate proofing manufacturer, proofing matters needing attention are:

1. Carefully check PCB documents to avoid data problems.

2. Conduct comprehensive process approval and process configuration with our own manufacturers.

3. Control production quantity, reduce cost and take care of quality.

4. Communicate matters needing attention with proofing customers to prevent accidents in advance.

The above is just a simple description, next we will give you a detailed introduction to its specific details, I hope to help the relevant users.

PCB board

1. Make a physical border

The closed physical border is a basic platform for the subsequent component layout and routing, and also plays a role in the automatic layout, otherwise, the components from the schematic will be at a loss. But here we must pay attention to precision, otherwise later installation problems can be big trouble. There is the corner of the best arc, on the one hand can avoid sharp Angle scratch workers, but also can reduce the stress. In the past, one of my products always broke the PCB circuit board of a certain machine in the process of transportation, but it was better after using the arc.

2. Introduction of components and networks

It should be very simple to draw the components and networks into a good border, but there are often problems here, must be carefully according to the prompt error one by one to solve, or later to spend more effort. Here the problems generally have the following: component packaging form can not be found, component network problems, there are unused components or pins, check tips these problems can be quickly solved.

3. Layout of components

Component layout and wiring have a great impact on product life, stability, electromagnetic compatibility, should pay special attention to the place. Generally speaking, there should be the following principles:

4. Placing order

First place components related to the structure in fixed positions, such as power sockets, indicators, switches, connectors, etc., and then use the LOCK function of the software to lock them, so that they will not be moved by mistake in the future. Then place the special components and large components on the line, such as heating components, transformers, IC, etc. Finally place the gadget.

5. Pay attention to heat dissipation

PCB component layout should pay special attention to heat dissipation. For high-power circuits, those heating components such as power tubes, transformers and so on should be placed as far as possible to the side of the distributed layout, easy to heat distribution, do not concentrate in one place, do not high capacitance too close to avoid premature aging of electrolyte. The schematic design before the single board proofing is the preparatory work. When drawing the schematic, it is necessary to pay attention to the connection of each file as a whole in the hierarchical design, which is also of great significance for the future work. Due to differences in software, some software may appear to be connected but actually are not connected (electrical performance). If you don't use relevant detection tools, in case there is a problem, it will be too late to find out when the board is ready. So again and again the importance of doing it in order, hoping to get your attention.

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