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Black PCB board must be high-end board
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Black PCB board must be high-end board

By osmosis, it's a terrible process. It hardens a lot of thinking in your brain, even if it's just an illusion. Just like the color view in the PCB industry, everyone agrees that black PCB must be high-end, high performance, high quality printed circuit board.

With the growing market of printed circuit boards in China, there are more and more PCB manufacturers in China, and they are trying all means to promote their products, including companies using color strategy. They often publicize the color of PCB intentionally or unintentionally, with high-quality black PCB, black high-end PCB and other black-themed advertisements to promote their products.

In the electronic manufacturing industry, PCB mainly comes in several colors, such as yellow, blue, red, black and so on, which also evolves different levels of PCB quality. Often in the publicity, the manufacturer will use color to tell you the quality of our products. But, in fact, does the quality of PCB really depend on its color, really depends on its color?

The raw materials of PCB are glass fiber and resin which we can see everywhere. PCB substrate is a kind of heat insulation, insulation and not easy to bend substrate formed by glass fiber and resin in a series of processing such as combination, hardening. PCB substrate is insulated, we naturally can not use the PCB substrate to conduct signals, so a layer of copper will be coated on the surface of the substrate to form a copper-covered substrate, that is, the so-called PCB substrate.

Black PCBS first appeared in 2007, when public graphics cards used black PCBS in their designs, leading downstream manufacturers to follow suit. In the beginning, black PCBS were really only used in a few high-end graphics cards from some manufacturers, which indirectly proved that black PCBS were high-end graphics cards. This was true at the time, because other ordinary designs would not have used black PCBS at all. We also imperceptitiously believe this, there will be manufacturers to take advantage of the customer's thinking of this imperceptitiously, in low-end products also use black PCB, at this time between black PCB and high-end graphics card is not equivalent.

PCB board

What is so special about black PCBS?

In fact, in the printed circuit board, PCB color has no direct relationship with its performance, because the different color will not affect the performance of the circuit board. Printed circuit board is mainly a carrier of interconnection between electronic components. The performance of a PCB is determined by the material it uses, the wiring and the board layer. In the process of board washing, black is relatively the worst color, because it is the most easy to cause color difference, which will lead to the increase of defective PCB boards, and eventually increase the cost of production. Moreover, the lines on black PCB are difficult to identify, that is to say, only experienced R & D or design personnel can repair this layout, so in general, manufacturers will not easily use black PCB. In other words, when an enterprise has enough information about its products, it is likely to use black PCB to show its strength.

Black PCB has many inconvenient design factors, which also makes the major PCBA processing manufacturers carefully consider when selecting PCB substrate, so red PCB, blue PCB and other colors occupy the majority of the PCB industry market, and only in high-end products can be lucky to see black PCB. This also indirectly proves that black PCB is high quality PCB, but also let everyone's definition of black PCB directly imperceptible.

However, now many manufacturers do not have the strength to take advantage of this kind of mentality of customers in low and middle end products to use black PCB to pretend to be high quality and high performance PCB. So we can't take the myth that black is high-end with a grain of salt. Of course, black PCB also has some unique advantages, such as high visibility of the text marking welding parts, visual effect is good and so on.

Last but not least, that is to cover up the shortcomings of the company's products with black is asking for death. If such an enterprise still blindly cut corners, it will die out in the vast arena of PCB board.

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