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PCB board

Требования к производительности печатной платы

Каждый раз, когда кошка ходит в туалет, лоток должен измерять вес кошки, вес кошачьих экскрементов, продолжительность похода кошки в туалет и записывать момент времени похода в туалет (момент времени входа в туалет

Одноручная автомобильная антенна печатная плата вредит

Печатная плата делает схему миниатюрной и интуитивно понятной, что играет важную роль в массовом производстве фиксированной схемы и оптимизации компоновки электроприборов.

pcb multilayer board and double-sided pcb board these differences you know

Large scale, top ranking PCB enterprises mainly produce large batch board, PCB enterprises positioned in small batch board are relatively few, in addition to the company, the domestic production of small batch board representative enterprises mainly Chong

Different materials of pcb board originally have these differences

During heat treatment, the material's mechanical strength, dimensional stability, adhesion, water absorption, thermal cracking, expansion performance and other aspects are different, high density products are obviously better than ordinary PCB substrate.

pcb board deformation after the original existence of these hazards

The pressing process of printed circuit board is the main process of generating thermal stress. Similar to the pressing process of copper clad plate, it will also produce local stress caused by inconsistency in the curing process. The printed circuit boar

Why does pcb board need to position and prevent stay

The following is a calculation example of the position accuracy of the intermediate component of PCB board in the following two positions (the position accuracy calculation of the length direction is only taken as an example, and the width direction is no

What is the obvious difference between pcb board and aluminum substrate

With moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, shock-proof, protection function. Now, you know why to apply three anti-rubber on the circuit board, have the need of small partners do not quickly act.

What is the patina of pcb board? It could be three things

the color of the circuit board has attracted the attention of the industry, mainly because the color design of many high-end circuit boards are made of green, so people slowly believe that the color of the circuit board is green must be high-end.

Is pcb board color important to it? Do different colors serve different functions

It is the latest development in PCB testing technology. It uses a laser beam to scan the printed board, collect all the measurements, and compare the actual measurements with preset qualifying limits.

Is the price of pcb board going to be a rumor or true?

There are two basic principles to determine the distance between the multilayer capacitor power layer and the edge of the board in the capacitor design of multilayer PCB board, and to solve the distance between the printing strip: 20-H method and 3-W meth

How to transport and store pcb board after proofing

In case of abnormal tools during transportation, it is necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and goods, and do a good job in isolation and reporting.General principles to be followed in the layout design of multilayer printed boards

What are the main common debugging of PCB board?

Some people have more information about their designed PCB board, so they like to test all the components at once. In fact, it is better to do it bit by bit.

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