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Is the price of pcb board going to be a rumor or true?
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Is the price of pcb board going to be a rumor or true?

Recently, in the Shenzhen market, many PCB board manufacturers revealed a price increase. So what's going on?

According to DigiTimes, some PCB board manufacturers are optimistic about the strong order momentum of notebook computers in the second half of the year, and are planning to make rolling price increases on their quotations, considering that prices of upstream materials are likely to rise amid persistent shortages.

Shennan Circuit recently released investor activity records to disclose that the prices of some raw materials have risen recently, the company will strengthen communication and negotiation with suppliers and customers, and jointly face the rising pressure of material prices.

Sheng Hong Technology in the interactive platform said that the price of raw materials is a long-term trend in the market, the company has been passed on to customers. Chongda Technology and Xingsen Technology have also said that they will adjust the price of PCB products according to the fluctuation of raw material prices.

Material crunch is the main reason why PCB industry will rise again. Recently, super China technology in the investigation revealed that the overall price of the company's copper cladding plate has risen by more than 30% compared with the previous bottom, and the company's copper foil processing fee has also risen by about 3-4 percent last year.

Copper foil substrate supplier Tenghui Electronics also said recently, recently, the main raw materials of copper foil substrate such as copper foil, glass cloth, resin, etc., the increase has been as high as 30-100%.

On the other hand,PCB orders are saturated due to the substantial growth in downstream demand for consumer electronics, 5G base stations and Automotive electronics. PCB supplier Jian Ding Technology recently revealed that the lead time of PCB orders is usually two weeks to a month, but now the second quarter orders can be seen in January, the visibility is good.

PCB industry boom will continue. According to Prismark's industry forecast analysis, total revenue for the top 40 PCBS grew 29 percent in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year. Excluding the low base of supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic in the first quarter of last year and the traditional slow first quarter, industry sales figures for the first quarter of this year showed very strong growth. And this growth is the overall growth of each plate and each region.

Based on the stronger-than-expected Q1 data, Prismark raised its full-year PCB industry growth forecast to 14.0% from 8.6% previously. The growth drivers are mainly from the explosion of demand in end markets (communications, consumer electronics, new-energy vehicles, etc.), technological upgrading, and supply chain repair.

(3) Select DC voltage of reference layer. In this case, due to the high signal processing speed inside the processor, the power/ground reference pin generates a lot of noise. So it is important to use decoupling capacitors when providing the same DC voltage to the processor and when using them as efficiently as possible. The best way to reduce the inductance of these components is to make the wiring connections as short and wide as possible, and through holes as short and thick as possible.


When the second layer is assigned as "ground" and the fourth layer is assigned as the processor's power supply, the further away the holes are, the shorter the processor's top layer and decoupling capacitors should be. There is no significant current in the overspace extending to the bottom of the plate, and no antenna function in short circuit. The reference configuration for the cascading design layout is listed in Table 1.

Rule 20-H, rule 3-W.

There are two basic principles to determine the distance between the multilayer capacitor power layer and the edge of the board in the capacitor design of multilayer PCB board, and to solve the distance between the printing strip: 20-H method and 3-W method.

Principle of 20-H: RF currents usually exist at the edges of the power plane because of the connection between magnetic fluxes, and when high speed digital logic and clock signals are employed, RF currents are coupled to each other, as shown in Figure 1. In order to reduce this effect, the physical size of the power plane should be at least 20H smaller than the physical size closest to the ground plane (H is the distance between the power plane and the ground plane). The edge effect of the power plane generally occurs around 10H. At 20H, about 10% of the magnetic flux is blocked. See Figure 1. The 20-H rule determines the physical distance between the power plane and the nearest ground plane, including the thickness of the copper-clad plate, the prepacking, and the insulating isolation layer. Using 20-H can increase the resonant frequency of PCB.

3-W rule: When the spacing between two printed lines is small, electromagnetic crosstalk will be generated, thus affecting the normal operation of related circuits. In order to avoid this interference, the spacing of printed lines should not be less than 3 times, that is, not less than 3W(W is the width of printed lines). Printed line width is related to line impedance requirements, too wide affects the wiring density, too narrow affects signal integrity, and too narrow affects the strength of the transmission terminal. The basic application objects of the 3-W principle are clock circuit, differential pair and I/O port wiring. "3-W Principle" simply points out that the electromagnetic flux boundary with 70% crosstalk energy attenuation is required. For higher requirements, 10 must be adopted if the electromagnetic flux boundary with 98% crosstalk energy attenuation is guaranteed.

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