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PCBA factory agent processing Things you must know?
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PCBA factory agent processing Things you must know?

kingford today to tell you about PCBA processing price calculation method. With the intellectualization of people's lives, more and more electronic products, but also led to the development of the electronic processing industry, electronic products manufacturers in the generation of processing manufacturers when the most concerned is the calculation of processing fees, the following will tell you about the PCBA processing price calculation method.

1.PCBA processing price calculation formula

PCBA processing price calculation method Within the PCBA industry there is A uniform formula: A=B*(1+C%), where A refers to the final offer, B refers to the PCBA cost, and C refers to the company profit.

2.PCBA processing cost components

The most important thing in the calculation formula of PCBA processing price is B(cost), which includes PCB cost calculated from BOM and Gerber files, material purchase cost, SMT patch and DIP plug-in cost, PCBA testing cost, PCBA finished product assembly cost, and subsequent packaging and logistics cost.

3.PCBA processing price calculation method

1. The production cost of PCB board, flying needle test and engineering fee will be uniformly calculated in the production cost of PCB board;

2. When purchasing materials, it is necessary to consider the causes of plate loading and SMT patch loss, and about 5% of the material loss should be included;

3. The cost of SMT patches and DIP plug-ins is priced according to the number of solder joints and process of PCB board; For small-batch PCBA processing orders, engineering fees will generally be charged, including the cost of process documents, steel mesh, SMT line change, etc.

4. PCBA test costs are calculated according to the test items and test time of each PCBA board;

5. PCBA finished product assembly is charged according to the difficulty of the assembly flow chart;

6. In terms of packaging logistics, the cost of special packaging materials needs to be calculated. If it is a foreign customer, there is a separate customs declaration logistics fee.

PCBA board

4. Data shall be provided for PCBA processing quotation

1. Complete PCB board making files (Gerber files, positioning maps, steel mesh files) and board making requirements;

2. Complete a BOM(including the model, brand, package, and description).

3. PCBA assembly drawing.

PS: Report the PCBA function test fee, and provide the PCBA function test method.

PCBA processing service flow

1. Project consultation/quotation: Customers provide complete PCBA information quotation;

2. Customers place orders: customers confirm the quotation, sign the contract and pay the advance payment;

3. Engineering evaluation: engineering evaluation customer to provide data, into the final means of production;

4. Procurement of raw materials: arrange PCB board and component procurement according to production materials;

5. PCBA production: SMT and DIP welding will be carried out after the plate and material are assembled;

6. PCBA test: test products according to customer requirements;

7. Packaging and after-sales service: The customer pays the balance, and PCBA packages and delivers the goods.

How to calculate the processing price of PCBA? PCBA processing price calculation formula method knowledge, want to know more, please pay attention to kingford PCBA

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