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Discussion on the new process of single hole plating on HDI circuit board
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Discussion on the new process of single hole plating on HDI circuit board

With the development direction of consumer electronic products, which are playing, integration and multi-function, the signal transmission experience of circuit boards, wiring density and multi-layer requirements are increasingly high. High density interconnection (HDI) circuit board technology can provide a higher density of circuit wiring, can make the end product preset more small scale. Driven by the promotion of consumption, the application scope of HDI is no longer limited to mobile phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, etc. Recently, the rise of consumer electronic products has facilitated a wider range of applications of HDI printed board, such as electronic readers, GPS, MID, vehicle audio, etc., are using HDI printed board. The requirement for HDI plate is higher and higher, especially with the reduction of blind hole aperture, the process is becoming more complex day by day, and the manufacturing difficulty is increasing day by day. This paper aims at a new process of blind hole plating and through hole plating on multistage HDI printed boards at the same level. To some extent, this method reduces the degree of technological difficulties, reduces the production cycle, and solves the waste of products caused by indispensable processes, and saves the production capital.

One, the comparison of old and new process flow of blind hole through hole plating on HDI printed board.

1. Old process of blind hole through hole plating for HDI printed boards at the same level

For the blind holes and through holes at the same level of the HDI circuit board, most of the blind holes are made first, and then the blind holes are plated. After the copper in the blind holes reaches the standard, the through holes of this layer are made. If the through hole copper requirements are higher, will again for the through hole plating hole, so that through hole copper to meet the standard.

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printed boards

In this process, the HDI circuit board needs to do twice plated hole graphics, two times plate electricity, two times belt grinding board. The average thickness of copper from two plates is very high pressure, which affects the etching of the later process. Belt grinding is a process that is difficult to choke. In the process of belt grinding, it will not only affect the equalization of surface copper, but also affect the growth and shrinkage of the plate. In the subsequent pressing and etching process, it will increase the degree of manufacturing difficulties and quality problems.

2. New process of blind hole through hole plating on HDI printed boards at the same level

Blind hole through hole plating at the same time, popular speaking is the blind hole and through hole plating pattern at the same time, and then together to do hole filling technology.

From the process analysis, the new process of blind hole through hole plating hole is similar to the old process, the loss of copper sinking, plate electricity, hole plating pattern and abrasive belt grinding plate once each. Through experiment and production line operation, it is proved that the technology is feasible both in theory and in fact.

Tow, the impact of old and new process processes on delivery, cost and quality

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In terms of delivery time, it can be seen from the comparison of the old process flow that the new process reduces the production cycle of the HDI circuit board because of the loss of the first copper deposition, board electricity and other links, so the delivery time of the HDI board is guaranteed to a certain extent.

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