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Distinguish circuit board quality is good or bad 2 ways
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Distinguish circuit board quality is good or bad 2 ways

Over the years, with the rapid development of the electronic industry, the rapid rise of PCB circuit board industry, we are more and more high quality requirements for the circuit board, the following let Shenzhen kingford Co., Ltd. to introduce the two ways to distinguish the quality of the circuit board:

1, with the eyes to observe the appearance of the circuit board, such as thickness, size and so on whether meet the requirements, if not, it needs to be remade, with the board market competition is becoming more and more fierce, some manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of some low board, more or less there will be scratches and cracks, the performance of the board will have a certain impact.

2. First of all, it can be used normally after the installation of components, which requires the circuit board without short circuit and open circuit. The factory has an electrical testing process in production, which is to detect whether the board has short circuit. At the time of patch welding, it is necessary to check whether the pad falls off under the condition of high temperature, resulting in no welding. In addition, the high temperature resistance of the board is also very important. An important index of the board is the TG value. When making plates, engineers need to instruct the board factory to use the corresponding board according to the requirements of different service conditions.

When we choose the circuit board, the price is one of the factors that need to be considered, in addition to the quality of the circuit board and other aspects also need to be considered, only in this way to order the cost-effective circuit board.

circuit board

2. Welding and manufacturing process of integrated circuit board

Generally speaking, integrated circuit board is the integrated circuit board, which is widely used in the fields of computer, TV, air conditioning and other electronic products to be automatically controlled. Let Shenzhen kingford Co., Ltd. introduce the welding and production process of integrated circuit board:

1. Welding of integrated circuit board

1, dual in-line integrated circuit, can use two electric iron, at the same time adding tin to the two columns of pins for simultaneous heating disassembly

2. Butt welding the next plug-in integrated circuit, the circuit board must be left with solder, resulting in the welding hole is blocked, we generally use a suction gun to clean up the residual welding hole.

3. For the damaged integrated circuit, you can use a sharp tool to cut off the pin of the integrated circuit, and then clean the remaining pin on the circuit board with a soldering iron.

4, in the process of disassembling integrated circuit, need to prepare tweezers, magnifying glass and other tools.

5, the hot air gun can make each welding spot evenly heated, very conducive to the welding and disassembly of integrated circuit.

Two, integrated circuit board production process

1. Print the drawn circuit board with transfer paper, print two circuit boards on a piece of paper, and choose the best printed circuit board.

2, cutting copper clad plate with sensitive plate to make circuit board diagram, copper clad plate, that is, both sides are covered with copper film circuit board, copper clad plate cut into the size of the circuit board, not too large, in order to save materials.

3. Polish off the oxide layer on the surface of the copper coated plate with fine sandpaper to ensure that the carbon powder on the heat transfer paper can be firmly printed on the copper coated plate when transferring the PCB board.

4. Cut the printed circuit board to the appropriate size, paste the printed circuit board on the copper plate, and put the copper plate into the heat transfer machine after alignment, and ensure that the transfer paper is not misplaced.

5, first check whether the circuit board transfer complete, if there are a few no transfer good place can be repaired with black oil pen. Then it is ready to corrode. When the exposed copper film on the circuit board is completely corroded away, the circuit board is removed from the etching solution and cleaned.

6, according to the thickness of the electronic component pin choose different drilling needle, in the use of drill drilling, the circuit board must be stable, the speed of the drill can not open too slow.

7. After drilling, polish off the toner covered on the circuit board with fine sandpaper, clean the circuit board with water, and then coat with rosin.

8. After welding the electronic components on the plate, power on, function realization, production is completed.

The above is about the "integrated circuit board welding and production process" introduction, hope to have some help to you, more PCBA information please pay attention to the content of this site updates! kingford is a professional PCBA processing enterprise, with fully automatic SMT production line and wave soldering, for you to open the whole production and quality testing process, find us, you belong to have your own electronic processing plant!

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