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Проектирование печатных плат
Проектирование печатных плат
Circuit board processing negative
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Circuit board processing negative

Analysis and judgment of impurities in PCB acid nickel plating solution

(1) Nickel plating is the bottom layer of the plug gold plating has higher robustness, is one of the printed circuit board electroplating species. The quality of the coating is directly affected by the additive impurities and the foreign impurities brought by the electroplating process.

1 copper 0.04 electrolytic treatment

2 Zinc 0.05 electrolytic treatment

3 Lead 0.002 electrolytic treatment

4 Aluminum 0.06 Adjust PH to high

5 6 price 0.01 Adjust PH

6 ** impurities activated carbon treatment

(2) Specific operations excluded:

A. Electrolytic treatment method: current density is usually used, and the anode is corrugated to increase the cathode area. Processing impurities copper, lead and sulfur-containing additives selection, processing time 30 minutes; Iron and zinc impurities are treated by electrolysis.

B, adopt the method of increasing PH: * Transfer the plating solution to the spare tank, add the appropriate amount of nickel carbonate PH to, and add hydrogen peroxide (30%), stir for 2 hours after filtration, and then transfer the plating solution to the plating tank, adjust the PH value to the best range, and then carry out small current treatment, until the plating qualified products.

C, ** impurities treatment method: according to the above increase PH value before adding activated carbon in the spare tank, then add nickel carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, stir for 2 hours, filter, then move to the plating tank, adjust the PH value and small current electrolytic treatment, until plating qualified products.


Number of layers

One to six layers

The number of layers refers to the number of electrical layers (copper layers) in the PCB. At present, Jialichuang only accepts 1-6 layers of plates.

Plate type

FR-4 sheet

Plate type: board, half glass fiber, full glass fiber (FR-4), aluminum substrate, at present, Jialichuang only accept FR-4 plate. As the picture on the right

Large size

40cm * 50cm

The size of the working board cut by Jialichuang is 40cm * 50cm. The PCB design size of customers is usually allowed to be within 38cm * 38cm. The specific size is subject to the document review.

Overall dimensional accuracy

+ / - 0.2 mm

Board shape tolerance ±0.2mm.

Plate thickness range

0.4 ~ 2.0 mm

Jia made at production thickness: 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0 mm.

Plate thickness tolerance (T≥1.0mm)

± 10%

For example, plate thickness T=1.6mm, the real plate thickness is 1.44mm (T-1.6×10%) ~1.76mm (T+1.6×10%).

Plate thickness tolerance (T < 1.0mm)

+ / - 0.1 mm

For example, plate thickness T=0.8mm, the real plate thickness is 0.7mm (T-0.1) ~0.9mm (T+0.1).

Small line width


The line width should be greater than 6mil and no less than 6mil. As the picture on the right

Small gap


The gap should be larger than 6mil, and the minimum should not be less than 6mil. As the picture on the right

The outer layer of the finished product is thick copper

1oz~2oz (35um~70um)

Default conventional circuit board outer copper foil line thickness of 1oz, more can do 2oz (need to order remarks). As the picture on the right

The finished inner layer of copper is thick

0.5oz (17um)

The thickness of the copper foil line inside the circuit board is 0.5oz. As the picture on the right

Bore hole (mechanical drill)

0.3 ~ 6.3 mm

Small aperture 0.3mm, large aperture 6.3mm, if it is larger than 6.3mm, the factory needs to deal with it separately. Mechanical drill bit specifications are 0.05mm for the first order, such as 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm... . As the picture on the right

Through hole single side welding ring

P 6 mil

If the conductive hole or plug-in hole side welding ring is too small, but there is enough space, do not limit the size of the welding ring side; If there is no large enough space and intensive wiring, the small unilateral welding ring shall not be less than 6mil. As the picture on the right

Aperture tolerance (machine drill)

+ / - 0.08 mm

The tolerance of drilling is ±0.08mm. For example, if the hole is designed to be 0.6mm, the finished aperture of the physical plate is acceptable in the range of 0.52--0.68mm.

Welding resistance type

Photosensitive ink

Photosensitive ink is now used much of the type, thermosetting oil is generally used in low-grade single-sided board. As the picture on the right

Small character width


Small character width, if less than 6mil, the physical board may be due to design reasons caused by unclear characters. As the picture on the right

Small character height

1 mm or higher

The height of the small character, if less than 1mm, the physical board may cause the character unclear for design reasons. As the picture on the right

Distance between cables and shapes

Acuity 0.3 mm

Gong plate shipment, line layer from the board shape line distance is not less than 0.3mm; The distance between the cable and the center line of V cutting shall not be less than 0.4mm.

Splice board: Splice board without gap

0mm gap plate

The gap between the boards is 0mm. Click for larger version

Splice board: splice board with gap

2.0mm gap plate

The gap of the gap is not less than 2.0mm, otherwise it is more difficult when the gong edge. Click for larger version

PADS manufacturer copper-paving method

Hatch copper paving

Manufacturers are using reduction copper-paving (Hatch), PADS software design customers please be sure to note. As the picture on the right

Drawing slots in Pads software

With Outline line

If there are more nonmetallic grooves on the board, please draw in outline.

Window layer in Protel/dxp software

Solder layer

A few paste layers are mistakenly placed in the paste layer. Jialichuang does not process the paste layer.

Protel/AD contour layer

Use Keepout layer or mechanical layer

Please note: only one contour layer is allowed to exist in a file, never two contour layers are allowed to exist at the same time, please choose between the unused contour layers, that is, the Keepout layer or the mechanical layer when drawing the contour. As the picture on the right

Half hole process small aperture

The 0.6 mm

The half-hole process is a process in which the small aperture shall not be less than 0.6mm.

Solder shield window

The 0.1 mm

Welding resistance is usually said green oil, Jialichuang currently do not do welding bridge.

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