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Промышленные новости
Have a sense of discovery
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Have a sense of discovery

What is discovery? To discover is to see or find something that has not been discovered by research, exploration, etc.

The old man often says: everywhere attention is learned. This science is really for discovery. Do PCB board with the rapid development of semiconductor, each product may exist in the processing process and requirements of the difference, not to mention our production conditions may with time, conditions and many other factors in change, for their own responsibility or engaged in the work is not mindful, not mindful, not mindful, its work can not be effective, many problems have taken place new changes, not timely discovery, Still according to the past, even small common sense problems, may cause hundreds of thousands of millions of economic losses, such as the gold plate of our products have micro tin, we all know, also have methods, but can not carry out, the reason that it does not matter, did not think for customers, resulting in customers in the local 100% from the test, the cost of the test is far higher than our product price, The customer is asking us why we have to deduct 1 million yuan a year for quality problems. If we take the money and give some of it to the customer, how much benefit will it bring?


Penny wise and pound foolish This phenomenon, as long as found early, found in time, is very easy to solve.

So how do you practice discovery? There are no more than two basic skills:

One is to do it right. This is the minimum requirement. As long as on the basis of the right, to do well. For example, when we bake the sheet, we take it out in half, and forced cooling is different from natural cooling; Hot air products once, twice are different performance, sometimes even three times; Project customer file conversion, different versions of the converted data, the inner layer and characters are different, so we should be professional first, otherwise the problem is scrap or increase the processing difficulty or rework, which will bring potential performance risks to customers' products. <br>

The second is to do the right thing. Everyone knows the story about a lazy man who died of hunger with a pancake around his neck. As long as he opens his mouth, he can bite into the pancake on his chest, and he can get the pancake even if he moves his hands. He won't starve to death. Why do you starve to death? It is because he chose between "too lazy to eat" and "too lazy to live". He chose laziness instead of life. He did not do the right thing, but chose to lose his life. We will say that lazy people are stupid, but in our side to review whether there are similar things, the apparent feedback can reach dozens of times a week, and each link to take and put the turnover of the product is chosen the right way, the final inspection of the apparent test is chosen, I am the door of the company, I want to look at the portal, or the test faster than the number of suicide behavior. 

For the early stage of the project, I am the first choice. If we can't see the characteristics of the customer, it will lead to fatal scrap/double compensation (because our product is 1:100, 1:1000)/customer loss, we must set it according to the customer's requirements, or choose CAT. CAT is the fruit of the production link. As the saying goes, if you plant melons, you will reap melons. Should you choose to be careful and meticulous, so as to make the production convenient and processing, and successfully produce qualified products, or choose the same choice? Simply I have all to add to do not need to add copper also add, do fine but also spend energy and less to complete the number of live, bad will also make mistakes, no doubt chose the wrong method; If the same is true for the things that everyone puts forward to themselves and other functions, we can all be used to hearing, "I shouldn't do it, I submitted, I don't understand, I don't know, who didn't do it, it's not my business" and so on is also a choice similar to the death of the lazy.

We may not be the reason for the death of lazy people, the premise here is that each of us should be a professional person, simply speaking, professionalism is a kind of work state standardization, standardization, institutionalization. At the right time, place, in the right way, do the right thing. To conform to professional norms and standards in terms of knowledge, attitude, skills, concepts, etc.

 This is dedication. Dedication is the starting point of professionalism. Dedication requires us to focus on their responsibilities, solid completion of their own work; Dedication is to do everything conducive to the work, the work beyond the level of making a living, sublimation into the way to realize self-value; Dedication is to do things must go all out, dedication will always come naturally; Dedication means paying attention to every key detail, finding and solving problems creatively.

Whether a man can succeed depends on whether he has a warm attitude to work! "A man without enthusiasm is like a car without gas." What an apt metaphor! In the professional field, successful people always use the most positive thinking, the most optimistic spirit, the most enthusiastic attitude to dominate and control their life.

Professionalism is the foundation of a career. Professionalism is the values and attitudes of a person in his professional activities, and it is the inner spiritual motivation of people. Whether a person has the professional spirit of the most basic performance is first to complete their own work.

With our professional quality, the awareness of discovery also naturally emerged. Now many people in our company find and question in every link to avoid causing losses. For example, Lin Wang often comes to me, and Sister Li can sink such a large metal edge, which is larger than the gold area of the whole board? The testing staff will tell me that Sister Li cannot pass the test of this product for how many times, so that the product is damaged? Our products are more and more halogen-free and high tg. Is it right to drop the stack? ... .Wait, this is all discovery.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to see that the dedicated people found from this link will find great benefits.

Discovery is so important, so how do you make it? In my opinion, dare to negate, including negation only negation, negation is not to start over, the starting point and goal of negation are to promote how to improve things, prevent the occurrence of low-level unnecessary mistakes, so as to maximize their own interests. If we compare discovery to the father of benefit, then doubt is the mother of discovery. If you want to make a discovery,

You have to ask questions. Why?

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