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Custom PCB circuit board FAQ
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Custom PCB circuit board FAQ

1. Can the line width and line distance be less than the factory standard?

We can do it, but in order to guarantee the yield, we put forward a slightly larger requirement. If your PCB circuit is very precise, less than the Production requirements of the factory, you can also consult the company's customer service positions, evaluation, review the offer.

2. What kind of board is a Mosaic board?

A PCB board inside a few separate application lines are not the same board, is the patchwork board. SET board can choose gong open, v-cut, slotted, stamp hole and other forming methods.

3. How to deliver the board? Can you V-CUT it?

The board is cut for you. If you would like to have it engraved, please explain to our Marketing Department when placing your order.

4. What does V-CUT mean?

That is, for the spanner put together, the edge line is not absolutely cut, only in the front and back of each cut a small batch, their own can be broken by hand. The pattern of grooves is like a V, so it is called a V.

5, what situation should choose green oil to cover the hole?

One is good-looking, the other is to avoid burning welding when it is easy to encounter holes resulting in short circuit. If you do not select, spray tin will be possible to supplement the hole, then the advantage is that the hole resistance becomes smaller, and it is easy to disconnect.

6. What is heavy gold? What is the condition that needs to sink money?

The objective of the gold plating process is to deposit solid color, good cleanliness, smooth coating and satisfactory weldability nickel gold coating on the printed circuit surface. Basically, it can be divided into four stages: pre-treatment (oil removal, micro-etching, activation, post-leaching), nickel sedimentation, gold sedimentation, and post-treatment (waste gold water washing, DI washing, baking). When you need to do the button plate, or plug in, it is possible to demand gold, gold wrench is not easy to rust, small resistance.

7. Under what circumstances is lead-free tin spray required? Does lead-free tinning work?

Environmental protection single, or single, all need lead-free tin spray, lead-free plate welding temperature needs a little higher. For the daily ditty test, not necessarily lead - free spray tin.

8. What is the thickness of 2 layers of copper foil?


9. Can the copper foil be thickened?

Yes, please explain to the customer service staff when placing the order. There may be an extra charge.

10, network bank payment support what some forms?

Support the online banking business of Paytreasure and major banks.

11. Can I issue an invoice?

Invoice can be issued.

12. If no invoice is issued, is there a receipt?

Yes, please explain to the customer service person when placing the order.

PCB board

13. Is it free mail?

Free mail

14, PCB close the door to find quality problems how to do? How do you pay me back?

If you find that the wrench is wrong, or there is a quality problem, you can be combined with the customer service of the store, after verification if our problem, we will be responsible for giving you no charge to redo.

About the delivery date

The delivery time is usually 3-4 days, that is, the order is placed before 20:00 on the same day, and the delivery time starts from the next day. The goods will be delivered on the 3rd day normally, or as soon as 2 days. If there is something special that is not included, we will explain the exact reason, please forgive us!

Single/double plate 48 hours (2 days) urgent, urgent we can only guarantee the delivery time, can not guarantee the arrival time

Because PCB production is not reversible, as long as the quality problems are revealed, please inform Haolin Circuit to solve them at the first time. The seller shall not bear any loss beyond the value of this product at any time!

Whether in production or use, encounter no matter what problem, expect both sides are in good faith behavior to solve the problem, no matter what problem encountered, to solve it is the most important! Within one square meter we are free of test fees, more than one square meter of test fees charged 50-80 yuan, if the wrench is more accurate and complex, it is proposed that you fly needle test (or open test frame), because only through the professional mechanical facilities inspection determined, the ability to ensure the quality of each wrench you! If the wrench is very simple, the line is wide and few, you can not estimate the test!

Before placing an order, please clearly acknowledge that your data do not need to be corrected, because PCB production can not reverse the process, if the production has been placed, there is no way to eliminate, no way to correct, no way to suspend, please carefully check the data before placing an order

Please check your documents before placing your order

Common sense acquiescence process: FR-4, green oil characters, lead spray tin, through hole cover oil, 1.6MM plate thickness, if you do not have special requirements, we according to the usual process placement production.

Sample and batch production are subject to your data. If you confirm the data, we will arrange production and will not change the data. Therefore, please kindly check the printed circuit board file before placing the order, so as to avoid mistakes!

In production, we will have the engineering review and approval of your information, if there is a problem the first time to combine with you! In order not to delay your time, the combination of the form you provide must be accurate, if not combined, we will stop production!

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