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Accessories, that is, hot product quality vane
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Accessories, that is, hot product quality vane

Because the hot products are in high power, complex environment (such as damp, interference) work, so the manufacturing precision, stability and other aspects of any of its circuit parts are very high and even harsh, the quality of each part of the machine performance is greatly affected, and the data index is much higher than ordinary household appliances, can also be said, that is, every part of the hot products, It is a barometer of the quality of instant - heat products.

The accessories of hot products, in addition to the quality of the accessories themselves, there is also an important part of the matching and coordination of accessories and other accessories in the use of the environment.

There are three ways to solve the quality problems of parts themselves. One is to find high-quality suppliers, the other is to jointly develop special parts with suppliers, and the other is to develop independently. Although the first cost is low, but the main problem is the quality and stability of parts, can not be guaranteed; Although the second quality and stability has been improved, but the cost is also high, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises; Although the third kind of short-term cost is high, but the product quality and stability is guaranteed, suitable for large scale and strong technical strength of the enterprise.

The matching and coordination problem between parts and other parts in the use environment. Again good accessories, in a particular environment is not necessarily the best, must be matched with the use of the environment coordination, or even do special processing. This process is also the process of exploration and exploration of every enterprise.

PCB board

Such as the special treatment of the circuit board:

Circuit board is the main control part of the whole machine, mainly composed of electronic components, but the hot electric water heater inevitably has a part of PCB board must pass through the large current, the conventional practice is to take this part of the PCB tin pile approach, the disadvantage of this method is that when the element heating, connecting terminal heating, the tin strip will melt into the flow of liquid, resulting in short circuit; The solution adopted in the design of our Olek products is to calculate the cross-sectional area redundantly according to the requirements of the load-carrying capacity (considering the maximum power of the load-carrying capacity), select the copper plate thick enough according to the cross-sectional area calculation result, directly press it into a suitable shape, paste it on the PCB circuit board, and use the copper sheet as the current-carrying conductor to meet the requirements of the long cycle operation of the product. Therefore, our immediate electric water heater of Olek completely eliminates the hidden danger of short circuit caused by tin melting in work.

Another example is the selection of main switch components:

National standard requirements, each electrical appliance must have a switch to disconnect the whole circuit, and the hot electric water heater is a high power electrical appliance, the choice of the main switch component is more demanding, the common practice is to use the relay main switch component. Our Olek technicians found in the design and production that the relay is still unable to meet the requirements of long-term power-on and large current switching, and problems often occur after high-intensity work. After many experiments and debugging by our technicians, we have adopted AC contactor as the main control component. The main advantages of AC contactor are strong load capacity, strong current impact resistance, strong large current breaking ability, and electrical and mechanical indexes in all aspects are much higher than the control relay.

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