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Circuit board factory teach you how to distinguish PCB circuit board is good or bad?
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Circuit board factory teach you how to distinguish PCB circuit board is good or bad?

With the rapid development of mobile phone, electronics, communication industry, but also promote the PCB circuit board industry continues to expand and rapid growth, customers for PCB factory components layer, weight, precision, materials, color, reliability and other requirements are more and more high.


However, due to the fierce price competition in the market, the cost of PCB board materials is also on the rise. In order to improve the core competitiveness, more and more manufacturers monopolize the market with low prices. However, behind these ultra-low prices, is to reduce the cost of materials and production costs to obtain, but the device is usually prone to cracks (cracks), easy scratches, (or bruises), its precision, performance and other comprehensive factors are not up to standard, seriously affecting the use of products on the weldability and reliability and so on.


Keyou has been committed to high precision multi-layer PCB rapid proofing and mass production for 13 years, with high precision single side/double side/multi-layer circuit board (1-26 layers), thermoelectric separation copper substrate, multi-layer industrial circuit board, medical circuit board, security PCB board, communication PCB board, automotive circuit board, composite bus copper substrate, foldable metal substrate, etc.


In the face of various PCB circuit boards on the market, distinguish PCB circuit boards good or bad can start from two aspects; The first method is to judge from the appearance, on the other hand is to judge from the quality specification of PCB board itself.


The method of judging the quality of PCB circuit board:

First: Distinguish from the appearance of the circuit board is good or bad, under normal circumstances, PCB circuit board appearance can be analyzed through three aspects;

1. Standard rules of size and thickness: the thickness of the circuit board to the standard circuit board is different sizes, customers can measure and check according to their own product thickness and specifications.

2. Appearance of weld: Because there are more parts of the circuit board, if the welding is not good, the parts are easy to fall off the circuit board, which seriously affects the welding quality of the circuit board. It is very important to have a good appearance, carefully identify and strong interface.

3 Light and color: external circuit boards are covered with ink, circuit boards can play the role of insulation, if the color of the board is not bright, less ink, insulation board itself is not good.


Second: high-quality PCB circuit boards need to meet the following requirements

1. The telephone should be easy to use after the components are installed, that is, the electrical connection should meet the requirements;

2. High temperature copper skin is not easy to fall off;

3. The mechanical properties of the surface should meet the installation requirements;

4. The surface of copper is not easy to oxidize, which affects the installation speed and breaks down soon after oxidation.

5. No additional electromagnetic radiation;

6. The shape is not deformed, so as to avoid the deformation of the shell and dislocation of the screw hole after installation;

7. High temperature, high humidity and special environment should also be considered; Line width, line thickness, line distance meet the requirements, so as to avoid line heating, open circuit, and short circuit;

8. Now the installation is mechanized, the hole position of the circuit board and the deformation error of the circuit and the design should be within the allowable range.

The above is the PCB factory summary of the PCB circuit board to judge the quality of the method, in the purchase of PCB circuit boards, we must polish our eyes.


Quality is the life of circuit board enterprises

Just like people have to eat every day, the quality of the problem is not a day not to talk about, not a day do not pay attention to, otherwise, the moment of neglect, the title of this article may be changed to "quality to the life of the enterprise". For our pcb Circuit board factory, quality is particularly important. For example, for some special processes, our circuit boards require that the layers should be separated with paper. In addition, our pcb boards in the previous process were separated by pig cage racks. Avoid scrapping flowers.


Quality is the life of the enterprise, the meaning of this sentence is: if the product quality does not reach the standard, it will eventually be rejected by users and eliminated by the market. A product without a reputation for quality loses any competitiveness. If it is light, it is rejected by the user. If it is heavy, it may cause a vicious accident. Therefore, the quality of an enterprise's products is not only a matter of whether the product is sold or not, but more importantly, it is related to whether the enterprise is closed, whether the user claims, or even whether the lawsuit is constantly, which is really related to the survival of the enterprise.


Want to do a good job of quality, here the circuit board factory Xiaobian I will mention the on-site management of enterprise management. A slightly more formal company will conduct a daily 5s-6s audit. For example, Keyou circuit board company, daily audit is indispensable. In fact, many times if the site sorting, rectification and other work to do, then some of the existing quality problems will improve a lot.


Any enterprise, in the organization of product production, there will always be a choice of quality and quantity: either for the sake of the moment and self-destruct the development of the enterprise: or pay attention to quality, careful work, in accordance with the quality management standards of the industry strict implementation, implementation of standards. And the enterprise that does this, seems to be a little trouble, in fact, it is this "trouble", so that the enterprise can win the trust of users and consumers.

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