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What information does circuit board design need?
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What information does circuit board design need?

Shenzhen kingford is a professional PCB design company with more than 20 years of PCB design experience, can provide multi-layer, high density PCB routing design and PCB design proofing business. Next, we will introduce what information is needed for circuit board design.

Information required for circuit board design

1. Circuit diagram, necessary.

Whether it is hand-drawn or CAD drawn, in short, at least a circuit diagram to carry out circuit board design.

2. Power consumption calculation of the circuit, not necessary.

There are data about the power supply voltage and current flowing through each component. If there is no such data, the width and distance of the wires should be designed by reading the circuit diagram.

In the absence of dedicated software, free software such as LTspice can be used for circuit simulation.

In addition, through the calculation to verify, to their future need to query the place record voltage value and positive and negative, current value and flow direction.

Its application in circuit board design is that the wire width can be calculated according to the current flowing through a certain area, which is especially important for voltage wire routing and GND wire routing. In addition, it can be used to design the size and number of connection holes based on this.

3. Circuit diagram electrical list, not necessary.

If not, need to make their own according to the circuit diagram. Circuit electrical list is essential for circuit board design.

The electrical network list for circuit board is divided into circuit diagram electrical network list and circuit board electrical network list.

Most of the time, especially on the circuit board revision, is not to give the electrical network list, this time you need to do it yourself.

PCBA board

4. Component list, essential.

Here the consistency of the circuit diagram and the component table is contrasted.

There are two main causes of inconsistencies between circuit diagrams and component tables:

New product design, because of constant changes.

Product revision, component elimination and update.

No matter how much time is spent, we must do the circuit diagram and component table consistent, in order to ensure the success rate of the design.

5. Circuit board design drawings, essential

Even a scrawl is necessary, and if it is passed on verbally, it can sometimes misunderstand the product designer and lead to mistakes.

The contents of the drawing: board, surface treatment, minimum limits of the width and spacing of the wire, the specifications of the pad, the font of the printing, the size.

The size of the circuit board, the location of the specified component, and the forbidden area. Insulation specifications between different areas, etc.

Auxiliary information for circuit board design

6. Circuit board design timesheet

How long it takes to calculate circuit board design, number of people.

7. Board area estimation table

In the specified circuit board size, determine whether the components can be reasonably arranged in the circuit board.

In the case that the components can be arranged in the circuit board, judge whether to use two panel design or more than four layers of design.

In the absence of any designation, it is necessary to fully communicate with the product designer to recommend the most appropriate board size and layer design.

8. Workpiece size estimation table

When the size of the circuit board is determined, several individual circuit boards will be connected together through V-cutting in order to achieve the minimum production cost. This is the time to choose the appropriate size of the workpiece.

9. Circuit board electrical design table

It includes the following parts:

Calculation table of cable width or reference table of cable width

Cable distance calculation table or Cable distance reference table

Dimension calculation table of connecting hole pad or reference table of connecting hole pad size

Shenzhen PCB Design Company

Circuit board design capability

Maximum signal design rate: 10Gbps CML differential signal;

Maximum number of PCB design layers: 40;

Minimum line width: 2.4mil;

Minimum line spacing: 2.4mil;

Minimum BGA PIN spacing: 0.4mm;

Minimum mechanical hole diameter: 6mil;

Minimum laser drilling diameter: 4mil;

Maximum number of pins:; 63000 +

Maximum number of components: 3600;

Maximum number of BGA: 48+.

Circuit board design service process

1. The customer provides schematic diagram to consult PCB design;

2. Evaluate quotation according to schematic diagram and customer design requirements;

3. The customer confirms the quotation, signs the contract and pays the project deposit;

4. Received advance payment and arranged engineer design;

5. After the design is completed, provide the screenshot of the document to the customer for confirmation;

6. The customer confirmed OK, settled the balance, and provided PCB design materials.

Достаточно загрузить файлы Gerber, BOM и проектные документы, и команда KINGFORD предоставит полное предложение в течение 24 часов.