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Инженерная технология
Инженерная технология
2D of PCB layout
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2D of PCB layout

1. Familiar with the schematic diagram and structure diagram provided by hardware;

2. Set up the package and import the PCB. Conduct component layout according to the provided structure diagram, negotiate with the hardware about the general layout direction at the initial layout stage, and communicate with the hardware at any time during the layout process.

3. After the layout is OK, the hardware will confirm the layout and send it for preliminary confirmation.

4. Confirm stacking and start wiring

5, grasp the overall wiring direction, perfect signal line protection, power line pay attention to the size of the current, cutting power supply, copper, etc. Wiring does not understand at any time and hardware communication. 

6. Send the wiring to the hardware for inspection in time, and modify the PCB according to the hardware requirements.

7. The hardware confirmed that there was no problem with the layout and sent it for check. 2D and 3D drawings of PCB layout. After confirming OK.

8. Send out Gerber file and write PCB production list.

9. Send PCB samples to the board factory and reply the engineering problems of the board factory.

Surfacemount technology (SMT) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology. It is characterized by surface mounting of components and reflow welding technology. It has become a new generation of assembly technology for electronic products manufacturing.

The wide application of SMT promotes the miniaturization and multi-function of electronic products, and provides conditions for mass production and low defect rate production. SMT is surface assembly technology, which is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology.

The main components of the SMT production line are: surface assembly components, electric subgrade board, assembly design, assembly process;

The main production equipment includes printing machine, dispensing machine, paste machine, reflow welding furnace and wave welding machine. The equipment includes testing equipment, repair equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment and material storage equipment.


In the era of industrialization surplus, circuit board manufacturers in particular, choose a suitable Circuit board manufacturers is very important! In the industry, large companies such as Shennan, Shenlian and Jingwang are doing well. Their positioning is clear and their customer groups are very stable. Generally, they do not accept factory orders, because they are not short of orders at all.

However, most of the factories in the industry are not clearly positioned, what single is accepted, the result of what single is not good! Do not do well does not matter, reposition, do fine do special as a way out. But most of the boss don't think so, we think they pick up not only, because their strength is not enough, not enough equipment......

In fact, regardless of the size of the market, sometimes operating quality is more important than operating scale! PCB market is very big, you focus on a certain field, do fine, still can be bigger and stronger!

Shenzhen Fanyi Technology Development Co., Ltd. is such a circuit board company! We focus on connector RJ45Type C field for more than ten years, research RJ45 PCB board and Type C PCB board manufacturing difficulties, in 2007, there is no computer V-CUT period, can control the V-CUT tolerance within +/-0.15mm. When everyone thinks the single side welding ring ** meets 0.3mm, they have achieved 0.05mm!

Therefore, PCB proofing, production which good? Of course, choose Dongguan Qixiang Electronic Co., LTD., because Qixiang circuit has a team to study the inherent characteristics of each electronic industry products, according to the characteristics of different products, different production processes.

At present, there are too many circuit board factories and they are very miscellaneous. Electronic manufacturers to choose a wide range, and it is difficult to choose the right manufacturers. A little mistake, mismatched circuit board manufacturers will bring you a lot of annoyance, and even fatal functional problems, let you not hurt! Of course, the circuit board manufacturers are also many, such as Shennan, Shenlian, Jingwang these big factories, but the general large, circuit board factory is not just a factory, it is already a platform! It is not short of orders, will not choose to cooperate with you!

Достаточно загрузить файлы Gerber, BOM и проектные документы, и команда KINGFORD предоставит полное предложение в течение 24 часов.