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Инженерная технология
Инженерная технология
SMT small batch SMT plant before SMT material work
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SMT small batch SMT plant before SMT material work

The material work before SMT plant is very important. Material is the premise of SMT small batch SMT processing products. The preparation of production materials directly determines the feasibility of patch processing. Qualified materials can be manufactured through SMT production line on the premise of guaranteed quantity. Material is a professional term in our production field. Production enterprises are accustomed to dealing with all materials (whether from means of production or means of livelihood) that must be produced in the production process, fuels, spare parts, semi-finished goods, purchased parts and residues, with the exception of final products, which circulate in the production field. Wastes and all kinds of wastes are collectively referred to as materials. The quality of production materials directly affects the quality of products.

Therefore, before the production of products, the production materials must be inspected according to the inspection standards and inspection process documents to ensure the production and quality of products. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the normal supply of materials to ensure the production of products. Production materials include: product materials, process materials, production auxiliary materials, packaging materials, etc.

1. Product materials and PCB (printed circuit board). The product material is the basic material of the product, which is directly assembled on the PCB to form the product. Preparation of product materials includes material collection, storage, storage, batching, distribution, loss reporting and making up for discrepancies. In order to ensure the quality and yield of products, the preparation of product materials must not only be done in advance, but also very important

2. PCB preparation: verify the variety, specification, code, board number, quantity, packaging and validity period. Store and bake as needed. Batches and delivers according to production plan, while providing 1 printed circuit board to process and quality department for preparation of assembly materials: verify variety, specification, code, board number, quantity, packaging and expiry date. Sort and save as needed.

3. Batching and distribution according to production plan. Among them, integrated circuits and other special materials should be stored in the anti-static drying cabinet, BGA and other special integrated circuits should be baked before placing, and distributed according to the output of SMT processing production shift. After the materials and other parts are released from the warehouse, records of access and receipt of materials shall be kept, and major parts shall be properly stored.

PCBA  board

2.4 How to distinguish PCB quality?

The quality of PCB is directly related to the quality of PCBA products. There are many PCB board factories on the market, and the price is high and low. If you want to distinguish which PCB quality is good? Next, kingford, a professional PCB board factory, gives you a brief introduction.

Distinguish PCB quality is good or bad simple 4 tips

First, look at the PCB ink

A good plate factory will choose big brand ink, pay more attention to the printing and baking process, so the gloss of the ink will be better.

For high - quality plate, the ink thickness is thicker. According to the IPC standard, the ink needs to reach 20um, which we can't measure without tools, but can usually be distinguished by the naked eye.

Two, look at the PCB silkscreen text

High quality PCB screen printing is very clear and three-dimensional. The raw edges are not visible even under a magnifying glass, especially in some small screen printing.

Three, look at PCB welding pad processing

If it is a tin-spraying plate, check whether the tin-spraying is smooth and the IC pin position is neat;

If it is a sunken gold plate, it depends on whether the gold surface is bright, dark yellow or light yellow. The yellower the surface of gold, the better the plating process, because it is related to the treatment of nickel plating process and the thickness of gold.

Four, check whether the BGA pad is full and round

When a good plate factory deals with BGA, first of all engineers will be very careful in optimizing the pad. Secondly, good equipment and experienced workers make BGA pads can be well exposed and aligned.

In addition to the above four points, there are other small details that can be identified, such as the flatness of the V-cut, the color of the plate, the packaging material, and so on.

Although these details do not 100% say that the quality must be good, but if the board factory can control these details in place, it is enough to show that they attach importance to quality and strict quality management.

PCBA processing advantages

1. Highly professional: The company focuses on processing samples and small and medium-sized batches, and promises to deliver the materials within 3-5 working days after confirmation. 2. Professional equipment: The company's equipment is tailored for sample and small and medium-sized batch production of advanced equipment, can stick 0201, BGA spacing 0.3MM, QFN, CSP, CON and other components.

3. Professional technology: 100% of technical backbone workers have more than 5 years of work experience, 85% of front-line operators have more than 3 years of work experience.

4. The company implements the 5S and 6σ concepts in daily operation, so as to ensure that the shipment is checked at least 7 times. If the quantity reaches 100PCS, our company promises to pass AOI optical inspection. 5. The company promises that the straight through rate of welding is more than 99%. If customers find welding defects, the company promises to repair them free of charge.

Достаточно загрузить файлы Gerber, BOM и проектные документы, и команда KINGFORD предоставит полное предложение в течение 24 часов.