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Circuit board circuit block division
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Circuit board circuit block division

In this case, the instrument has been unable to play a helpful role, you can try to judge the possible range of fault according to the current and voltage, as far as possible to reduce, experienced engineers may be able to quickly judge the fault area, but the specific component which is broken can not be determined. The only way is to try to replace the suspicious component until the problem component is found. Last year, my laptop mother board was flooded. When I was repairing the master, I also encountered that the fault could not be detected, and I replaced the components three times in the maintenance process, which were power supply chip, diode, USB charging component (that is, the blue laptop jack, which can charge the device when it is off). Later, I replaced the suspicious chip through a wave of detection and investigation. It was determined that a component on the side of the south bridge chip was short-circuited.

Of course, since the PCB circuit board is the base of the components, then the circuit board fault must also exist. The simple example is the dead tin plating part. Because of the production process, in the process of PCB corrosion, there may be a broken line problem. In this case, if you can't fill the line, you can only use fine copper wire flying line.


Smart phones and Automotive electronics promote the steady growth of PCB output value: PCB industry has entered a period of steady growth, seeking new growth points is the development trend of the industry. In the downstream applications of PCBS, smartphones and automobiles will be the main drivers of growth. According to Prismark's forecast data, the output value of smart phone PCBS and automotive PCBS will grow by 5% to 8% in 2016 to 21 years. The output value of PCBS in other sectors will grow at a steady CAGR of 2.2%.

As the manufacturing center of PCB industry, mainland China will continue to undertake the transfer of ** output value: Since 2005, the output value of mainland China caught up with Japan and became the largest PCB production base. In 2017, the output value of mainland China accounted for 51% of the total output value of **. The deep market, sufficient labor resources, low cost and relatively complete industrial chain in mainland China are the important support for the development of local PCB industry.

 In the future, the output value of **PCB will continue to transfer to the mainland, and the growth rate of the output value of the mainland is expected to reach 3.4% from 2016 to 21, continuing the **** market, while the output value of Japan and Europe will show a negative growth trend, and the output value of North America will grow almost zero. In addition, at present, PCB products in mainland China are mainly multi-layer boards with fewer layers, and high-end products such as HDI board and flexible board account for a relatively small proportion. Compared with developed areas such as the United States, the product technology of local PCB enterprises still has a large room for improvement.

The advantages of domestic enterprises are prominent, and it is expected to give rise to tens of billions of enterprises: We compare the current revenue and net profit of typical enterprises in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and the mainland, and the results show that American and Japanese enterprises have entered a significant decline, although the revenue of Taiwan enterprises has increased, but the net profit has declined significantly. Looking back to the mainland, with the migration of electronic manufacturing centers to the mainland, domestic PCB enterprises also ushered in a period of rapid development. From November to 2017, the average revenue and average net profit CAGR of enterprises reached 15% and 16%, respectively. In 2017, the year-on-year growth rate reached 28% and 9%, showing a strong growth momentum. 

Among domestic enterprises, good enterprises have obvious advantages in investment scale, automation level and environmental protection, and the industry growth space will be concentrated in these enterprises. At present, the scale of domestic enterprises is still small, and the annual revenue is generally below 5 billion yuan. According to our calculation, the annual growth space of domestic enterprises' output value will reach 15.4 billion yuan, 13 billion yuan and 13 billion yuan respectively in 18-20 years. Good domestic enterprises are expected to continue to step up to 10 billion yuan.

Shenzhen Fanyi Technology Development Co., LTD., founded in 2013, provides circuit board design services, circuit board design education consulting, PCB quick proofing, small and medium-sized batch circuit board production and manufacturing services, the company adheres to the technology as the guide, the pursuit of excellent quality and continuous customer satisfaction of the business philosophy, for the information electronics industry to continue to provide services.

Circuit board processing technology and equipment

Circuit board equipment includes electroplating line, copper wire, DES line, SES line, cleaning machine, OSP line, nickel gold wire, press, exposure machine, oven, AOI, plate leveling machine, edging machine, opening machine, vacuum packaging machine, gong machine, drilling machine, air compressor, tin spraying machine, CMI series, light painting machine, etc.

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