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Section friends teach you how to find high quality PCB manufacturers?
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Section friends teach you how to find high quality PCB manufacturers?

With the development of The Times, the electronic product market is really surging, the industry competition is increasingly fierce, which makes it easy to find PCB manufacturers, find high-quality PCB manufacturers is not easy, and find and cherish! If you find a professional Circuit board manufacturer like Keyou Circuit, then the first need to congratulate you. The following Keyou circuit to share a few industry secrets, I hope to help you find high quality circuit board manufacturers.

First, look at the product

Many circuit board factories can provide some samples for free, we can get the sample of the manufacturer, through the quality of the product can judge the strength and professionalism of the manufacturer. For example, Keyou is a professional circuit board manufacturer. We directly contact Keyou to print a PCB sample (charge), so that we can know the product quality by comparison, material and other aspects.

Two, look at the credibility

The performance of reputation has many aspects, in addition to the business license of the enterprise, some certificates of honor, there is also the commitment to customers is also reflected in the credibility of the one hand. For example, they promised to ship the goods within 7 days, but the result was only completed in half a month, which caused losses to the customers, and the customers had to re-examine the reputation of the manufacturer.

Three, look at the service

Service includes pre-sale and after-sales, pre-sale service is not good on behalf of the Circuit board factory service must be very good, before becoming its real customers, many manufacturers are extremely friendly to customers, but once the payment after the change. There are many such cases. Keyou always put customers in the first place, to achieve this degree. Customer first, service first believe is the slogan of many companies, but can do so like Keyou circuit board factory is not much.

Four, listen to the sound

The voice of customer feedback will be more real feedback of the strength of the circuit board factory, service and other aspects, to find the circuit board manufacturer to confirm before you can search the Internet is good ah, will soon get daan, those unreliable manufacturers will also be exposed by the Internet users.

Five, look at the case

How to know the case of the circuit board factory, which customers? It is not easy to know offline, we can check from their website, most of the enterprise website will list some cases to show their strength. The official website of Keyou PCB circuit board also has case pages, for example, there will be some PCB products made by some brands in Keyou in engineering cases. How many customer cases can reflect the strength of the circuit board factory, if many big brands are looking for their cooperation, it must have a certain influence in the industry.

How to analyze the problem and condition of PCB circuit board running in corner

I think you should know something about it, in fact, the production and design of PCB circuit board is a meticulous work, a little mistake will bring unnecessary trouble to the future electronic products. For example, the PCB circuit board is faulty in the corner. The following is a detailed analysis of the pcb circuit board in the corner of the wiring problem:

There is wiring on both sides of Double-Sided Boards. But to use both wires, there must be a proper circuit connection between the two sides. This "bridge" between circuits is called a pilot hole (via). A pilot hole is a small hole in a PCB filled with or coated with metal that can be connected to wires on both sides. Because the area of a dual panel is twice as large as that of a single panel, and because the wiring can be interleaved (it can go around to the other side), it is better suited for more complex circuits than a single panel.


Keyou Circuit is a professional and rapid production of high precision double-sided, multi-layer circuit board (1-26 layers), LED aluminum substrate, Thermoelectric separation single-side/double-sided copper base board, industrial circuit board, power PCB board, medical circuit board, security PCB board, communication PCB board, automotive circuit board, instrument circuit board, military circuit board,FPC hard-soft combined board,PCB manufacturers, circuit board manufacturers, circuit board manufacturers, thermoelectric separation copper base board, multilayer circuit board factory.

PCB circuit board manufacturing design when fully consider his beauty. When the circuit board corner routing, to have a form of choice, the design needs to set the circuit PCB circuit board corner routing form corner mode. You can choose 45°, 90°, or arc. Generally do not use sharp corners, it is best to use arc transition or 45° transition, avoid using 90° or more sharp corner transition.

Whether it's PCB circuit board or circuit board, "aluminum base circuit board, single sided circuit board, they all have a common name, that is circuit board or circuit board. These circuit boards in the design of our heart to treat, one step careful to be confused by a small knot on its body, so Keyou circuit in this aspect is also very excellence, in the manufacture of multi-layer PCB circuit board process, can make it both portable performance and good, choose Keyou, yes.

When the wire of the PCB circuit board passes between two pads and is not connected with them, it should maintain the maximum and equal spacing with them. Similarly, when the wire and the conductor of the wire pass between two pads and is not connected with them, it should maintain the maximum and equal spacing with them, and the spacing between them should also be evenly equal and maintain the maximum. The connection between the wire and the pad should also be as smooth as possible to avoid small pointy feet, which can be solved by the method of filling tears. When the center distance between pads is less than the outer diameter D of a pad, the width of the wire can be the same as the diameter of the pad; If the center distance between pads is greater than D, the width of the wire should not be greater than the diameter of the pads.

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