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How should industrial control circuit board be repaired
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How should industrial control circuit board be repaired

A circuit board is composed of circuit boards, components and software. In my opinion, the ability of maintenance personnel and maintenance tools such as detection are very important when repairing circuit boards. Modern circuit board if only rely on a person's experience and lack of necessary tools to maintenance is difficult to do, only advocate online tester and other testing equipment and do not pay attention to the quality of personnel is also difficult to do. Industrial circuit board maintenance when you face the board is not the same as the treatment method is not the same. But the basic idea is to find out what's broken and replace it and fix it. Why don't we just replace every component on the board that we can? I have tried to change even after, some components need to be debugged, pay attention to the overall effect. With online tester and other tools like mine scanning, each component made a mark check again, compare the VI curve. This can find some faults but not always fix the board, "because the chip passed by the online tester is not necessarily broken; A chip that passes the test is not necessarily undamaged." And not every component can be found in the component library, machine circuit boards are constantly updated and upgraded, so your detection tools should be constantly updated.

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The quality of maintenance personnel directly affects the success or failure of maintenance. In the absence of any schematic diagram, to maintain a relatively unfamiliar industrial control circuit board, in addition to profound hardware skills, it needs to be a maintenance engineer who has a good understanding of the circuit principle and structure. When he sees a strange circuit board, he should carefully observe the hardware structure to determine the role of this board. Ask the customer what machine the board is mounted on when The Times what kind of warning. When judging the role of a circuit board, it is necessary to construct a block diagram of the circuit board in the mind, and the information analysis from the alarm is that the link is faulty.


Industrial control circuit board maintenance, the staff's approach is also very important, repair circuit board is a very fine work with a lot of components and circuit boards and easy to damage, so the operation should be very careful to need the necessary fixtures and other auxiliary tools. Disassembly, welding and so on to be skilled in not to start to think about the whole operation process, to avoid unnecessary damage. For the program of the chip, can back up as far as possible, do not allow backup do not move. If it is found that there is a program chip damage, and can not find a spare or replacement chip that the circuit board can not be repaired.


Maintenance in addition to finding the broken things to repair, the most difficult is to test whether they have repaired and on the machine debugging, no matter how you are repaired, the end to be installed on the machine tool can be used, and sent to the customer's hand circuit board must be good, which is not sent out before the machine test, my company purchased a large number of maintenance test bench, and according to the customer's board simulation production test, To ensure that the circuit board delivered to the customer can be used normally, without delay in production.


Related to the production process of 5GPCB

"Grinding Brush Roller for PCB production process: Nonwoven Brush Roller" and "Grinding Brush Roller for PCB Manufacturing: porcelain Brush Roller". Up to now, it has produced high-quality products and services for more than 2,000 customers around the world.


With 5G commercial and vehicle-mounted electronics as a new breakthrough point in electronic city, PCB is rising in quantity and price, in addition, it also causes a lot of credibility and reliability requirements in quality. To meet the needs of the market development and design of vacuum pump screen printing ink plug machine.


The machine has three advantages: 0 plug hole, double chamber vacuum pump structure and high precision. At the plug level, the limit vacuum value is 5-10Pa. After PCB plating process, plug hole plug hole 0.05, plug hole diameter 0.08 , plug hole thickness diameter ratio 60:1. The machine and equipment are operated in two chambers, the vacuum speed is fast, and the output rate is improved, with an average of 32s/pc; Can also be selected according to the installation of different thin and thick specifications of the scraper, and adjust the scraper Angle.

In addition, together with the display of automatic heavy grinding brush machine and double-sided grinding belt sander is excellent structure, conducive to practical operation, efficient operation, accurate environmental protection and energy saving advantages.


BGA/HDI vacuum pump screen printing ink plug hole labeling ability. Enterprises can contract plate thickness 0.1 ~ 12mm, parts specifications in 50*50 ~ 1250*710mm production and processing service projects, in the solder, can plug hole hole hole hole 0.05, plug hole diameter 0.08 , the larger plug hole thickness diameter ratio 50:1, reasonable prevention of pipe mouth dent, hole wall cracks and other poor, deal with a variety of plug hole common problems.


Talking about the development trend of PCB vacuum pump silkscreen ink plug hole, increasingly in the high-end development trend, the line is more and more detailed, the superposition of the board is also a lot, relatively, grinding technology has just begun to 3mil-2mil fine management orientation to the development trend, on the machinery and equipment, auxiliary materials symmetry, reliability clearly put forward more and more high regulations.


With the popularization of 5G commercial marketing and application scope, middle and downstream customers are gradually increasing their concern for signal integrity. At present, enterprises have developed and designed epoxy resins with high speed and high frequency plug holes, expecting to show epoxy resins with stronger transmission for customers and help customers improve the competitiveness of products

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