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Circuit board processing several times pressing
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Circuit board processing several times pressing

Surfacemount technology (SMT) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology. It is characterized by surface mounting of components and reflow welding technology. It has become a new generation of assembly technology for electronic products manufacturing.

The wide application of SMT promotes the miniaturization and multi-function of electronic products, and provides conditions for mass production and low defect rate production. SMT is surface assembly technology, which is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology.

The main components of the SMT production line are: surface assembly components, electric subgrade board, assembly design, assembly process;

The main production equipment includes printing machine, dispensing machine, paste machine, reflow welding furnace and wave welding machine. The equipment includes testing equipment, repair equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment and material storage equipment.

By virtue of its strong technical strength, services, strict knowledge product protection measures and good business reputation, and relying on the perfect Internet trading platform, Fanyi has quickly become an important partner and support recognized by domestic and first-class enterprises. So far, Fanyi has expanded its business to the United States, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions and regions, and obtained Tensorcom, MR.LOOP, Ubilite, spChips and other nearly 100 foreign enterprises.

At present, there are many domestic PCB proofing factories, and customers often do not know how to choose when looking for a factory. What conditions should a good PCB proofing factory have, and how to consider PCB proofing factory? And so on, we will briefly introduce how to select the PCB proofing factory.


1. Pay attention to whether the factory information is true

In the Internet era, there is also a lot of information about PCB proofing factories on the Internet. When looking for PCB proofing factories, we should pay attention to the authenticity of information. There are many small workshops on the Internet that boast their own strength into large-scale and high-tech strength manufacturers, but in fact, there are indeed three workshops. In addition to searching information on the Internet, it is best to visit the factory, see the factory environment and assembly line, so as to choose the right manufacturer according to their own eyes.

2. Beware of price traps

The price is PCB proofing processing is a problem that most customers are more concerned about, due to regional issues, many customers are in the merchants for online pricing of PCB, formal manufacturers will have online quotation system, customers in the custom PCB proofing, do not cohabit cheap, so as not to customize the product quality is not up to the price.

3. Look at PCB proofing factory services

Good PCB proofing factory, of course, need to have good service. PCB proofing factory purchase needs to involve many issues, such as product process, product use, product warranty, etc., need to have a perfect service system. And the pre-sale service we can communicate with the manufacturer to see whether we can give customers detailed product introduction, whether we can be patient and solve customer problems. After-sales service is to see whether the manufacturer can provide package return, warranty, technology and other problems that may be encountered in the later period.

4. Pay attention to previous cooperation cases of PCB proofing factories

The strength of PCB proofing factory can often be reflected in its past cooperation customers. If many enterprises seek cooperation with this factory, its strength is not to be underestimated. The output and quality are relatively high.

Look for PCB proofing custom manufacturers, Fanyi PCB proofing factory! Fanyi has a series of features such as independent PCB online ordering, CRM management system, online self-quotation, self-ordering, online payment, online query of production schedule, express tracking and so on. Fanyi PCB proofing is a possible choice!

Single chip emulator is a set of hardware device specially designed and manufactured for the purpose of debugging single chip software.

SCM is the same as PC in the architecture, also includes * processor, input/output interface, memory and other basic units, so the software structure of PC and other devices is similar. Therefore, microcontroller in the process of software development also need to debug the software, observe the results, eliminate the problems in the software. However, due to the application of the microcontroller problem, it does not have a standard input and output device, limited by storage space, it is difficult to accommodate the software used for debugging procedures, so to debug the microcontroller software, the use of microcontroller simulator. 

Single chip emulator has the basic input and output device, with the support of program debugging software, so that the single chip developer can input and modify the program through the single chip emulator, observe the results of the operation of the program and the intermediate value, at the same time with the single chip supporting hardware detection and observation, can greatly improve the efficiency and effect of single chip programming.

The early single-chip emulator was a set of vertical devices with a keyboard and a display for inputting programs and displaying running results; With the popularity of the PC, most of the new generation of emulators are using the PC as the standard input and output device, and the simulator itself becomes the interface between the computer and the target system, the simulation way also from the beginning of the machine code development to assembly language, C language simulation, simulation environment and the PC language programming and debugging environment is very similar.

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