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PCB clone car electric power steering assembly introduction
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PCB clone car electric power steering assembly introduction

Main structure

The product consists of steering sensing device, speed sensor, power mechanical device, steering power motor and microcomputer control unit.

Working principle

The microcomputer control unit determines the size and direction of the steering power according to the signal from the steering sensor and the speed sensor, and drives the motor to assist the steering operation.

Basic Parameters

Control template

Appearance size (length × width × thickness) 145×124×40 mm

Steering portability index has EPS without EPS

Maximum torque of steering plate (N.m) 7.1819.83

Maximum steering plate force (N) 37.79104.37

Average torque of steering disc (N.m) 3.6711.64

Steering plate mean force (N) 19.3261.62

Action efficiency index 3.17

Service life index 2 million times of alternating load

Total length (excluding universal joint) 554mm±0.5/497mm±0.5/498mm±0.5

Weight (excluding universal joint) 6.5Kg 7.0Kg

Deceleration ratios 16.5:1 and 18.5:1

System output torque (strength) 10-50dcgmin minimum 300N.m

System steering times (one left and right cycle) 2 million times (about 220,000 kilometers)

Motor and clutch

Rated power (three kinds) 120W/150W/170W

Rated voltage 12V

Quota S1 Continuous duty quota

Structure and installation mode IBM14

Cooling mode 1C01

The electromagnetic clutch is connected with the motor body as a combination part

Torque sensor

Effective mechanical stroke 0° ~ 87°

Effective electrical stroke 0° ~ 45°

Total resistance value 1.0× (1±20%) kΩ

Operating voltage 5V ~ 16V (DC)

Service life (full stroke reciprocating rotation) 2 million times


Case study on PCB copy board Cloning of axial fan in subway tunnel

Axial fan in subway tunnel can run continuously for more than 60 minutes under high temperature conditions of 280. It can be used for ventilation or smoke exhaust in case of fire. It has been widely used in subway, tunnel, power plant, airport and other large projects.




Product characteristics


1. High efficiency: Through computer simulation of subway and tunnel environment (flow field, speed, pressure, etc.) simulation design, repeated test verification and user use proof, with high efficiency and wide efficient area, positive and negative rotation and other significant characteristics of efficiency.


2. Low noise: Starting from the noise control of bidding fan, starting from the sound source and the particularity of subway tunnel environment, corresponding measures should be taken in the design of pneumatic structure:


-- Ensure the uniformity of airflow from the aspects of fan blade design, blade installation Angle and blade number, and streamline the blade passage.


-- In terms of structural design, since the support of the motor and the fixed guide vane on the inner cylinder will generate interference frequency when the impeller rotates, as well as the interference noise caused by it, in order to reduce the peak sound level of interference noise, the number of supports and blades are selected as prime numbers, and the reasonable spacing between guide vane and impeller is determined.


3. High temperature resistance performance: According to the use requirements of subway tunnel, anticorrosion, moisture-proof, high insulation grade, and damp-heat type high temperature resistant motor are adopted, which is designed according to the standard of 280/1h (higher than the national standard of 250/1h).


4, high strength: The fan impeller adopts advanced data die-casting technology, and the material adopts ZL114 high-strength high-quality cast aluminum for die-casting, X-ray flaw detection, heat treatment, tensile test, to ensure the reliable operation of the fan under the premise of thermal expansion coefficient of the material at high temperature.


5, small vibration: the fan after strict process design, and each process are processed by advanced equipment, so that the accumulation and residual unbalance is reduced to a minimum, and then after strict static and dynamic balance check, the balance accuracy reaches ISO2.5, to ensure that the vibration speed of the fan shell is less than 1.8mm/s.


Core parameters:


Power supply voltage: 380V


Air volume: 35,000 ~750000m³/h


Wind pressure: 300~2000Pa


Airflow direction: axial fan


Impeller speed: 985rpm


Maximum tip linear velocity: 136.5m/s

There must be a short time difference between power conversion, it is impossible to achieve a seamless connection.


Dual power switch PC grade and CB grade distinction


Double power switch is divided into PC class and CB class, the structure of both is roughly the same. The PC class is isolated, like a double toggle switch, plus the operating mechanism. CB class is circuit breaker protection type, consisting of two circuit breaker plus operating mechanism, with overload and short circuit protection, and circuit breaker protection. Users should consider the following aspects when choosing.


(1) From the perspective of reliability. The PC class is a little more reliable than the CB class, which uses a mechanical + electronic switching action lock, while the CB class uses an electronic switching action lock. Therefore, in some work with high security requirements, it is recommended to choose PC grade products.


(2) Consider from the perspective of switching time. The switching time of the two products is different. PC products are commonly used on the reduction motor, because the motor speed is high (16-22r /min), after the circuit failure, the switch action mechanism can be disconnected only when the motor speed slows down to a certain extent, and the action time is relatively slow. Although the switching time is slow, But as a mechanical product more or from the perspective of durability to consider. PCB grade products are commonly used in residential buildings, easy to disconnect the fault power supply, fast switching time.


(3) PCB double power switch does not have short circuit protection function, the user should consider whether to add additional circuit breaker according to the need of the circuit system. Dual power switch its function is to achieve dual power conversion function, there is no short circuit protection function will not affect its operation. Many people think that the short-circuit function is used to protect the switch, this is a misunderstanding.


(4) Adding an isolation switch will occupy space, increase costs and reduce reliability. It is suggested that the number of isolation switches installed in the industrial power system should be controlled, and there is no need to set an isolation switch in the residential floor.

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