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Безгалогенная конструкция печатных плат

Безгалогенная конструкция печатных плат

PCB Design&Layout Capabilities
Min.trace width:2.5milMin.trace spacing2.5mil
Min.Vias:6mil(4mil laser drilling)Max.layer48L
Min.BGA spacing0.35mmMax.BGA Pin3600pin
Max.high-speed signal40 GBPSFastest delivery time6 Hours/ Item
HDI Highest layer22 LHDI Highest layer14 L any layer HDI

PCB Design&Layout lead time
Number of pins on the board0-1000Design lead time (working days)3-5 days
2000-30005-8 days
4000-50008-12 days
6000-700012-15 days
8000-900015-18 days
10000-1200018-20 days
13000-1500020-22 days
16000-1800022-25 days
18000-2000025-30 days
Ultimate delivery capacity10000Pin/7 days
PS: The above delivery date is the regular delivery date, and the accurate design delivery date needs to be comprehensively evaluated according to the number of components, difficulty, layers and other factors of the circuit board!
System training
System training

System advanced training, from beginners to experts, there are various technical special trainings every week

High standards of confidentiality
High standards of confidentiality

High-standard confidentiality measures, signing confidentiality agreements, and all documents exporting must be approved to ensure that 100% of documents are not leaked.

High-quality design quality system
High-quality design quality system

With a strict quality system process and a strict review system, we have zero error rate quality requirements for PCB design.

Professional design team
Professional design team

PCB design team with an average of more than 12 years of work experience, with complete design software, such as Cadence Allegro\ORCAD, Mentor WG\PADS, etc.

Отрасли, которые мы обслуживаем
Frequently Asked Questions about Halogen Free PCB Design
1.What is the substitute for "halogen"?
At present, most halogen-free PCBs are mainly replaced by phosphorus and phosphorus nitrogen
2.What are the properties of halogen-free PCB?

Insulation: Since the halogen is replaced by P or N, the polarity of the epoxy molecular bonds is reduced, which improves the insulation resistance and breakdown voltage.

Water absorption: Due to the relatively low electrons of N and P in the nitrogen-phosphorus-oxygen reduction resin, the probability of forming hydrogen bonds with hydrogen atoms in water is lower than that of halogens. The water absorption rate of halogen-free PCB is lower than that of conventional boards, which affects reliability to a certain extent.

Thermal stability: The nitrogen and phosphorus content in halogen-free PCB is higher than that of ordinary board, so monomer molecular weight and Tg value increase.

3.What is a halogen-free PCB?
According to JPCA (Japan Circuit Association)-ES-01-2003 standard: CCL with chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br) content less than 0.09% Wt (weight ratio), respectively, is defined as halogen-free CCL (while CI+Br Total ≤0.15% [1500PPM]). Halogen-free PCBs are made of halogen-free copper clad laminates.
4.What are halogen-free materials?
Halogen-free materials are those that do not contain one group of halogen elements (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astat).
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